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Since your home is the biggest investment you will probably ever make, quality should be taken into consideration, as well as budget when building or remodeling your home. While box cabinets may seem like an affordable option, they will be of lower quality than custom cabinetry, and may end up costing you more in the end.

More than likely, you have found there can be a big difference between home store’s box cabinets and custom cabinetry. Design and style choices aside, you may not realize that the difference in pricing is due to the quality of materials. Country Cabinets uses only the highest quality of materials. Our cabinets are built with 3/4″ solid wood while prefabricated box cabinets are generally made of low quality 1/2″ materials. Another drawback to box cabinetry is the hardware (hinges, slides, pulls, etc.) provided is usually the cheapest available and often needs to be replaced in a relatively short period of time.

Typically when cost is a factor, the least expensive option is chosen. But consider the time that you plan on staying in your home. If you plan on moving, consider the resale value when you go to sell as custom kitchens garner more than box cabinetry. Then when you consider the cost and time for future repairs are you really saving any money? When you chose Country Cabinets, you can relax in your decision knowing your are buying the best that money can buy.


Whether you are building or remodeling, we encourage you to take a minute to fill out our “project checklist.” This tool will help you sort and plan all the details that go into a custom cabinetry project. From kitchens to family rooms, wet bars or bathrooms, this will help you start dreaming of all the possibilities for your new room!

Download Country Cabinets Design Planner >


Task Timeline
Design & Selections 2-3 weeks
Final Space Measurement 2 hours
Cabinet Fabrication 3-4 weeks
Cabinet Finishing 1 week
Countertop Final Measure 2 hours
Countertop Fabrication 2-3 weeks
Fixture Purchase & Delivery 2-3 weeks


Task Timeline
Demolition 3-4 days
Framing 2-3 days
Plumbing/Electrical 5-8 days
Insulation/Moister Barrier 1-2 days
Drywall 5-8 days
Cabinet Measure 1-2 hours
Flooring 2-5 days
Cabinet Install 4-6 days
Painting 2-4 days
Trim Work 1-4 days
Countertop Installation 1 day
Walkthrough 2-3 hours
Final Touches 1-2 days
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